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Corporate vs Family Owned

In the early 1990’s Service Corporation International and Carriage Services, both located in Houston, Texas began buying family and independent funeral homes across the United States, some of those funeral home locations are in High Point and Archdale.
When selecting a funeral or cremation service, you may want to research and see if the business is owned by a local family or one of these two publicly traded corporations.                     


Wright Funerals-Cremations in High Point and Archdale is proud to say that we are family owned and operated. We give you the one-on-one personal attention, care and support that you and your family will not find at a corporately owned funeral home. At our family owned funeral home, you will receive the compassion and professionalism that only we can offer.
Because we are family owned, we take great pride and care in everything that we do. Funeral homes owned by large corporations must answer to a board of directors, none of which are in the Triad area. Along with a board of directors, they also must answer to investors/shareholders, whose focus is to have a good return on their monies invested. At Wright, the owners work every day.

At Wright Funerals-Cremations our focal point is the family we are serving, not the numbers. Like any business, we need to make a profit to continue to exist and serve. However, our business does not have to focus on budgets, up-selling, gimmicks, call volume, or meeting quotas to achieve bonuses. In the corporate world there is absolute pressure from their Houston headquarters to increase revenue and profits.

The decisions that are made by our family-owned business, are local and responsive to our community.

Remember, when your loved one passes, do you want to be treated like a number…or treated like family.

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